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Alerity Networks

Fast. Easy. Fiber broadband internet.

Help Us Bring Affordable, High-Speed Fiber Internet to Your Area

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Bringing affordable, high-speed internet to you

We are a start-up Internet Service Provider (ISP) actively evaluating areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey that could benefit from high-speed, fairly-priced internet to deploy our fiber network and internet service. We are looking to connect with key members of communities to determine level of interest and viability in your community.

best-in-class internet service coming to your neighborhood

Fast Offering 1 Gbps and higher.
Reliable Always there when you need it.
Easy Unparalleled customer service.
Affordable Honest, fair prices. No nonsense.

Alerity’s Mission

Alerity Networks is a Fiber To The Home (“FTTH”) Internet Service Provider. We bring fiber optics to your home and main street business.

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How we are different than other providers

Lightning-fast (gigabit+ speeds) fiber optic internet with essentially unlimited speed and data without congestion

Honest and fair pricing with no long-term contracts

We actually care about and prioritize customer service—it’s who we are

Don’t feel seen and heard?

Slow, inconsistent internet can be a real drag when working or studying at home. Poor connections interrupt your meetings and distract from presentations with bad audio and worse video. That makes it hard to get your ideas across and stay engaged with your colleagues.

Alerity’s network will enable you to be effortlessly productive while the kids participate fully in their remote school activities.

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Never miss a thing

Alerity Networks will deliver fast, dependable internet, so you can focus on the important things in life. Count on our experienced, dedicated team for rock solid internet. We will not let you down.

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Relax into your favorite streaming shows

Even at peak times, Alerity Networks has the capacity to bring you full-screen, high-definition video from your preferred streaming service. Since we sell connectivity, not content, streaming services can be our partners instead of competitors. Soak up every moment of any show.

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Reach a person when you need one

Customer service is Alerity Networks’ number one priority. We know how important it is to reach a person when you need something. You should not have to wade through clunky phone trees, confusing websites, and unhelpful bots. Skip the frustration!

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Compete against other gamers not lag

Ping times matter when a split-second decision can make the difference between a high-score and becoming a sitting duck for a spawn camper. We build networks with performance in mind, and you can be confident that we have your back.

Who we are

Head-shot of a middle-aged Caucasian man with short brown hair in a suit and tie

Larry Coleman

30 year industry veteran as CEO of GoNetspeed, Blair Park, and Sunesys

Bill Coleman

30 year industry veteran as COO of Blair Park and Sunesys designing and building fiber networks

Head-shot of a middle-aged Caucasian man with brown hair, a beard, and glasses

Peter Heverin

20 year fiber network design and construction

Head-shot of a man with short, dark brown hair and goatee, in an open-collared shirt and blue blazer

John W. O’Brien

20 year network engineering industry veteran with experience spanning Government satellite programs, Ivy League research institutions, and enterprise network development projects.

Internet, your way.

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